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  • 14K Gold Chai, Star of David Necklace
    14K Gold Chai, Star of David Necklace

14K Gold Chai, Star of David Necklace

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Ben Sadya Jewelry has produced this special combination of a bold Star of David and a Chai - to Life. What a great Bar Mitzvah Gift!
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This smartly designed Very Jewish jewelry design includes a Star of David with the Chai - Symbol for life and the number eighteen. The pendant is constructed from exceptional 14K gold. Ben Sadya makes Judaica jewelry through a knowledge of Jewish culture and his wonderful feel for jewelry art work.
Ben Sadya is actually a renown exceptional Israeli jewelry designer who has triumphed throughout the world in jewelry Designer's Competition. He combines the Yemenite filigree design technique with motifs that make use of roman glass and precious gems to identify unique style elements particular to Ben Saday's artistry.
Star of David pendants absolutely are a basic Judaica style of ornamentation. Sadya's simple production of expertly finished 14 And 18 carat gold high quality merchandise will please you to acquire.
It's straightforward these pendants can be a remarkable accent. It is advisable to own them. They are also loved as presets by anyone that appreciates fine Jewish Jewelry. The David's shield and Chai theme are among the oldest of Jewish signs.
  • Size (cm): 2 x 1.8
  • Size (Inch): 0.8 x 0.7