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  • 14K Gold Chai in a Star of david Necklace
    14K Gold Chai in a Star of david Necklace

14K Gold Chai in a Star of david Necklace

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This striking Star of David with a Chai really stands out in all Solid gold. The white gold Chai stands out against the finely polished yellow gold Star. The design is a modern classic.
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MSRP: $434.00
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Ben Sadya's very Jewish jewelry style features a gold Stars of David using the Chai - Mark for existence and also the quantity 18. The pendant is crafted from outstanding 14K gold metal. Ben Sadya makes Judaica jewelry through an understanding of Jewish culture and the wonderful feeling of jewelry art work.
Ben Sadya is really a well-known exceptional Israeli jewelry designer. He's triumphed around the world in jewelry Design Competitions. He combines the Yemenite filigree design technique with modern and classic motifs that take advantage of roman glass and jewels to recognize a unique style to Ben Sadya.
Star of David pendants are a fundamental Judaica type of ornamentation. Sadya's simple manufacture of skillfully finished 14 And 18 carat gold top quality gold pendants will surprise you.
It's straightforward that these pendants could be a amazing accent.  You should own them. They're also loved as presets by anybody that values fine Jewish Jewelry. The David's shield and Chai theme are some of the earliest of Jewish symbols.
  • Size (cm): 2.1x 1.4
  • Size (Inch): 0.8 x 0.5