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  • 14K Gold Contemporary Design, Chai Necklace
    14K Gold Contemporary Design, Chai Necklace

14K Gold Contemporary Design, Chai Necklace

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This contemporary designed Chai pendant uses a gold (14K) arch like Het and simple minimal yud to convey the message of life at its most basic. will appeal to architectural or technical tastes.

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This insightfully made yellow gold CHAI Jewish decoration joins our developing gathering of Ben Sadya's adornments in all their manifestations. A CHAI is a Biblical gift and proclamation of confidence in G-d's steady hand to his guiding and protection of the populace of Israel. The pendant is produced using astonishing 14k Gold. The chai image signifies "life" in  hebrew and additionally refers to the number "18" in the old Hebrew numbering framework that like Roman numerals utilize the same letters as utilized for spelling. This opens the entryway for numerlogic imagery. Ben Sadya makes Judaica decorations tha draw on his learning of Jewish custom and legend, and his craftsmanship at silversmithing and goldsmithing. 
Ben Sadya is a broadly acclaimed Israeli style adornments creator who has won Worldwide jewels Designer's Competitions. He joins the Yemenite filigree strategies  created by his precursors with subjects that use gemstones and roman glass to make unprecedented plans all his Jerusalem studio. 
This new selection of CHAI pendants are lovely to see. They make extraordinary blessings for Wedding, Bar and Bat mitzvah and at whatever time you need to give a generally Tanakhic blessing.
  • Size (cm): 17 x 10
  • Size (Inch): 0.67 x 0.4