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  • 14K Gold Cutout Ani L’dodi, Jewish Ring
    14K Gold Cutout Ani L’dodi, Jewish Ring

14K Gold Cutout Ani L’dodi, Jewish Wedding Ring

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Ben Sa'adya's inscribed  "Ani L’Dodi double Love ring consists of   inner and outer rings The outer inscription "Ani L’Dodi ..." inscribed in the yellow gold with a classic pattern in the letters The outer ring is of white gold while outer rotates about the  inner ring.
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MSRP: $1,586.00
Sale price: $1,133.00
This simple, fashionably produced Jewish wedding ring is crafted from finest 14K golden. This style and design will be the the hit present! Ben Sadya's very best Gold and silver Judaica precious jewelry are very special gifts of Jewish interest.
Just in case you're looking for effective Jewish rings, this band could be the best choice. It offers you with a significant Jewish talisman while using a modern day structure.
This designer gold wedding band is a really timeless Israeli Jewelry style. The simple style of treasured style, nicely refined features a high quality workmanship and unique design elements.
It's apparent that this is a very significant gift idea for the individual you love. This ring consists of a really substantial Torah verse on the popular double ring structure. This verse can guard the couple from  hazards over the years like indifference and loss of marital bliss and direction. Torah verses continue being used as specially Jewish symbols for prayer. These wedding rings are  therefore for both of you  beautiful Israeli Jewish jewelry.  Ani L’Dodi Rings are especially valuable as a symbol of enduring love.