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  • 14K Gold Cutout Shin Daled Yud, Mezuzah Necklace
    14K Gold Cutout Shin Daled Yud, Mezuzah Necklace

14K Gold Cutout Shin Daled Yud, Mezuzah Necklace

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This is a traditional Jerusalem form pendant. the block done in gold is embossed with the traditional divine Name that denotes power. Ben Sadya is a master of this Judaica form of traditional Jewish Jewelry.

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Benjamin Saadia is a true jewellery craftsman - scion of Yemeni-jewish Silversmiths. That basic, although classy Judaica based pendant is crafted from greatest 14K precious metal. Benjamin Sadya is the top Gold and silver Judaica craftsman working in Israel. This variety and high quality are actually products of Judaism.
If perhaps you are thinking of efficient Judaism based ornaments, this particular mezuzah is without question a most suitable option. It gives you you a significant  talisman in a modern day style.
These are extremely classic in style. This straightforward although classy pendant is going to be cherished by its owner. Benjamin Saadya properly utilizes various polishing and textures to generate most of these quality innovative designs.
It's noticeable that such a gift to the person is enjoyed.  Thus, making this a safeguard for your relationship from pitfalls of indifference. Torah verses are often employed especially in Judaism assigns of belief and protection.
  • Size (cm): 2.2 x 0.6
  • Size (Inch): 0.9 x 0.2