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  • 14K Gold Double, Star of David Necklace
    14K Gold Double, Star of David Necklace

14K Gold Double, Star of David Necklace

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There is no better way to show your connection to your roots than to wear a golden symbol of Judaism, the star of David, and what better way to wear it than the 14K Gold Double, Star of David Necklace, by Ben Jewelry.

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Ben Jewelry is a wonderful source of creative-traditional Israeli Jewish Jewelry, meshing traditional symbolism and materials such as gold and roman glass with wonderful modern creativity, streamline and sophistication. 
One of the main symbols Ben focuses on in this beautiful Judaica Jewelry is the Star of David, or the 'Magen David' (Hebrew). The meaning of the term 'Magen David' is the protector or shield of David, and it is thought that King David's shield had that shape- a six edged star. The six edged star had been used in many cultures for various things, but after the second world war the symbol became largely attributed to Judaism. It has thereafter been adopted not only as the symbol for Judaism in general but also for the state of Israel, showing up on the flag.
What better a way to show your love for the people and the country than wearing this symbolic shape? And what nicer a way to wear it than a beautiful golden necklace such as this?
  • Size (cm): 1.7 X 1.8
  • Size (Inch): 0.7 X 0.7