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  • 14K Gold Filigree Design, Mezuzah Necklace
    14K Gold Filigree Design, Mezuzah Necklace

14K Gold Filigree Design, Mezuzah Necklace

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Traditional Yemenite Filigree work is a trademark of Ben Sadya craft. This contemporary fashion  Mezuzah pendant uses that form successfully. Ben Sadya is a Jewish Jewelry pioneer who comes from a distinguished line of Yemenite, Jewish Silversmiths.

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This kind of well created necklace is styled and designed combining the Legend of the kabalistic mezuzah with israeli jewelry attraction. Your pendant is usually spectacular and constructed from white or Yellow 14K Precious metal. Ben Sadya, the jewelry artist tends to make Judaica necklaces through an awareness of Judaism as a way of life and his / her wonderful necklaces generate interest .
Ben Sadya is in fact a fantastic Israeli jewelry originator who has earned the World wide Designer's recognition. He includes the actual Yemenite filigree tradition of necklace style with motifs that  utilize unique stylish components to make a design that is very special and all his own.
Ben Sadya's practical knowledge utilizing 18 and 14  carat precious metal provides a superior quality of merchandise that you will end up being extremely pleased to have.
It will be clear that these kind of pendants are really a fantastic inclusion for your collection. You will need to own these, fortunately they are also liked as gifts simply by anyone who is able to value fine jewelry.