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  •  14K Gold Filigree Hamsa, Star of David Pendant
     14K Gold Filigree Hamsa, Star of David Pendant

14K Gold Filigree Hamsa, Star of David Pendant

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A beautiful piece, this intricately designed hamsa and David's star combo pendant by Ben Jewelry is a stunning, delightful bit of Jewish jewelry and an amazing way to show your  love for your people and your roots.
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MSRP: $583.00
Sale price: $419.00
Ben's jewelry is always an amazing example of the best of Jewish jewelry, focusing on traditional values but meshing them beautifully with modern aesthetic. 
The intricate and delicate design compliments the traditional symbols incorporated in the piece, with a mixture of textures and patterns and shades. The piece shows real dedication and loyalty as well as love for your roots and your people, and conveys a good sense of style, of course, as well as moderation. That is the perfect combination in a piece of jewelry and this pendant really gets that across. It can be matched with any outfit and will only make it all the more special.
The six pointed star, also called the Jewish star or the Star of David, is named more specifically in Hebrew, 'Magen David'. The significance behind the meaning of the name is that it is thought to have been on King David's shield. The name in Hebrew means, literally, shield/protector of David.
  • Size (cm): 2.7 x 2.2
  • Size (Inch): 1.06 x 0.86