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  • 14K Gold Hexagon Design, Mezuzah Necklace
    14K Gold Hexagon Design, Mezuzah Necklace

14K Gold Hexagon Design, Mezuzah Necklace

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This Gold Mezuzah pendant uses a striking hexagon as its shape. the mix of White and yellow gold give the piece a bold 3 dimensional look. The Hebrew letter Shin on this Jewish Jewelry Mezuzah represents the divine name denoting power. like on most mezuzot, It is here of  14k white gold.
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This kind of smartly contrived actually Jewish ornament is usually created when using Judaica themes in the mezuza style. These are created of Yellow 14K gold. Ben Sadya could make Judaica jewelry regarding his awareness of Judaism's iconology as well as the his jewelry stylists capacity.
The artiste is truly an incredible Israeli innovator of goldsmithing. His shop  has earned the world-wide jewelry Design recognition. This individual brings together the Yemenite filigree cultures of jewelry while employing products such as treasured gemstones and Roman period glass. This individual makes jewelry regarding his emotional feelings.
The  mezuzah  is generally typical of Judaica Diamond jewelry motifs. Sadya's working experience employs 14 and eighteen carat fine precious metal to deliver a high quality product which in turn anybody will be actually  enjoy                                                                                                          owning. You can even possibly be confident these mezuzot make wonderful gifts for people who exactly value special judaica jewelry.
  • Size (cm): 1.9 x 0.7
  • Size (Inch): 0.7x 0.3