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  • 14K Gold and Roman Glass, Chai Earrings
    14K Gold and Roman Glass, Chai Earrings

14K Gold and Roman Glass, Chai Earrings

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These wonderful earrings are a prime example of top Ben Jewelry as well as top Israeli Jewelry, combining a beautiful cut of colorful Roman Glass with the masterful skills that put that Roman Glass into the most intricate frame, with Hai (Life) embossed over the front.

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MSRP: $672.00
Sale price: $479.00

These wonderful Chai (life) earrings are the epitome of beauty and depth of meaning, old elements, even ancient,  mixed with new and modern, all coming together in the most beautiful and unique pair of earrings you ever could find.  The Roman glass that lends color and fun to the earrings is excavated right here in ISrael and is a physical piece of Israel’s long history in the form of a beautiful gem. And framing and surrounding this wonderful Roman Glass is the most skillfully put together 14k Gold put together in a wonderful design created by Ben Sadya of Ben Jewelry with skills learned from his family’s past, silversmithing for the royal court of Yemen, to perfectly complete the creative piece of jewelry art and make it into the most wonderful earrings you could ever hope to find.

  • Size (cm): 1 x 1
  • Size (Inch): 0.4 x 0.4