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  • 14K Gold and Roman Glass Earrings
    14K Gold and Roman Glass Earrings

14K Gold and Roman Glass Earrings

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The beauty that can be created when combining the gifts of nature with skill and precision obviously come to play when you take a look at how elegant and stylish and intricate these earrings by Ben Jewelry are. The 14K Gold and the colorful Israeli Roman Glass are put together perfectly.

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SKU : 16915
MSRP: $727.00
Sale price: $519.00

The creative skills of Ben Sadya And the nature go perfectly together in this piece of jewelry art becoming more beautiful than either of them alone. The beautiful Israel excavated colourful Roman glass is complemented by the Skillfully designed and put together 14k yellow gold framing Which completes the picture of Elegance and beauty in the form of one of the most spectacular examples of Israeli jewelry. Ben Sadya's creative spirit has put together a number of pieces as beautiful, looking like a piece of captured sky, a sample of the colourful beauty that is Israel's nature and history. And in fact this Roman class was excavated in Israel which means that it is truly a part of the history of the land that you love, a gift of nature turned into a gift that you can wear and enjoy at all times. Truly a worthy gift to someone you love as well as a wonderful addition to your own collection of jewellery, this pair of earrings is the magnificent blend of history and modernity and altogether beauty.

  • Size (cm): 1.2 x 1
  • Size (Inch): 0.47 x 0.4