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  • 14K Gold and Roman Glass, Menorah Earrings
    14K Gold and Roman Glass, Menorah Earrings

14K Gold and Roman Glass, Menorah Earrings

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The gold as well as the Roman Glass are made all the more beautiful for being shaped into one of Ben Sadya's best pieces. The Menorah embossed in front and the intricate detailing on the golden frame, and the beautiful colors of the Roman glass combine perfectly.

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MSRP: $672.00
Sale price: $479.00

The beauty that Ben Jewelry puts into its pieces is surely a blend of an eye for style and beauty, along with extreme skill with metals and a deep love for the land of Israel and its people. Skills learned from his family’s past in silver-smithing for the royal court of Yemen have been passed on to Ben Sadya to use in his creations of jewelry that is the perfect balance of old and new, modern style and family technique, matched with a piece of Israel history, the Menorah on it and the Roman Glass it is made with which was excavated here in the holy land. The menorah symbolizes all that judaism ever has been, as the menorah has gone through history alongside the jews from the first moment that they were considered jews. And that deep meaning is put perfectly in the pair of earrings in a way that doesn’t detract at all from their ultimate stylishness and beauty and color, and only makes them all the more special and unique.

  • Size (cm): 1 x 1
  • Size (Inch): 0.4 x 0.4