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  • 14K Gold Shema Yisrael, Star of David Necklace
    14K Gold Shema Yisrael, Star of David Necklace

14K Gold Shema Yisrael, Star of David Necklace

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This pendant, made 14 karat yellow gold merges the Star of David with the SHMA declaration of the total unity that is the cornerstone of Jewish belief. These 2 standards of Jewish Jewelry are merged by Ben Sadia to produce an evocative, stylish original.
SKU : 16403
MSRP: $649.00
Sale price: $462.00
This uncomplicated Star of David pendant is built from finest 14K gold. This design and style will cease the show! Ben Sadya's very best Gold Judaica pieces of jewelry are distinct items of Jewish interest.
Ben Sadya, is the creator of his own line. He operates their very own Craft Jewelry studio. He's the scion in the recognized tradesmen that have been appointed to create pieces of jewelry for this Royal Court in Yemen. He honed his artwork and such techniques as a  student inside the popular Betzalel art academy in Jerusalem.
Should you be looking for powerful Jewish Jewelry, Ben Sadya's Shema Yisrael series generally is a great option. It's just a crucial Jewish talisman.
The form  is classic Israeli jewelry. This simple design of precious metal item is actually of superior quality.
This can be a really important gift for any friend or family member who you care for, This pendant includes  the important Torah verse "Shema Yisrael"
  • Size (cm): 2.2 x 2.2
  • Size (Inch): 0.86 x 0.86