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  • 14k Gold Small Classic Chai Necklace
    14k Gold Small Classic Chai Necklace

14k Gold Small Classic Chai Necklace

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Israeli Jewelry features many subtle callbacks to greater Jewish tradition, and this 14 carat gold (14k gold) chai is no exception. Ben Jewellers brings this tradition to you in a gorgeous chai medallion. Wear this pendant with pride in its life-affirming message.

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Israeli jewelry can be made of many things, in this case 14 carat gold (14k gold). The chai that this medallion depicts has a deep history. The choice of font itself reflects that. In the torah, letters are written with a flourish, featuring flowery organic serifs and crowns. Ben Jewellers turns boldly toward that ancient text, the “times new roman” of hebrew, to guide the formation of the letters in this modern necklace pendant.
For generations, the chai has acted as a reminder of the tenacity of the Jewish people through all the trials of time itself.
Ben Jewellers is the brainchild of Ben Sayda, and the product of generation after generation of goldsmithing expertise. Renowned the world over, each piece is crafted in Israel. The Raanana based studio is overseen by Ben himself, and each item uses traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure it meets the high standards the Sayda family has staked their reputation on. 

  • Size (cm): 1.2x1.3
  • Size (Inch): 0.4 x 0.5