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  • 14K Gold Western Wall, Star of David Necklace
    14K Gold Western Wall, Star of David Necklace

14K Gold Western Wall, Star of David Necklace

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The beautiful background of the star of David shape portrayed in this charm is only amplified when meshed amazingly with the Jerusalem of gold in the center. Ben Jewelry as usual has shown a sense of beauty and creativity as well as grace.
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"Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light. Behold I am a violin for all your songs." These are the words written by Israeli poet Naomi Shemer, in her most famous song, 'Jerusalem of Gold'. She portrays in her song the immense beauty of Jerusalem, in intricate detail and loving creativity, much as this golden charm must have been created. Ben Jewelry has worked a creative masterpiece here, meshing the golden beauty of Jerusalem into the symbolic Star of David in a charming, graceful and gorgeous way.
The symbolism of the Star of David as attributing to Judaism in specific was accepted mainly after the second world war, despite being in Jewish history for a long time. the six  pointed star showed up in other cultures too, but has now become known exclusively as Jewish symbol. It is thought that King David's shield had this symbol.
What better a way to show your love for Jerusalem and Judaism than with this beautiful item of Judaica Jewelry?
  • Size (cm): 2 X 1.8
  • Size (Inch): 0.8 X 0.7