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  • 14K White Gold Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Ring
    14K White Gold Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Ring

14K White Gold Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Wedding Ring

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This beautiful ring is truly one of a kind. The wavy design of the white gold band is glazed with a frosted looking finish, which accentuate the gorgeous lettering in textured yellow gold- lettering which shows a verse from the song of songs, the true verse of love and commitment, 'Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li'.

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Ben's Jewelry, always finding ways to make creations that dazzle the mind as much as they dazzle the eyes, has succeeded again. Using a wavy band of frosted white gold, the words and their meanings truly shine. And with words made of textured yellow gold, standing out against the backdrop of the band, words such as King Solomon's in the Song of Songs, 'Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li', the ultimate biblical words of love and dedication, the meaning shines brightly and constantly, creating a truly spectacular piece of art and Jewish Jewelry.
Made by hand right over here in the holy land of Israel, this jewish wedding ring shows a very true, very elegant beauty both in its meaning and its appearance. There simply could be no better ring to show your love for your partner.