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  • 14K White and Yellow Gold Ani L’dodi Ring
    14K White and Yellow Gold Ani L’dodi Ring

14K White and Yellow Gold Ani L’dodi, Jewish Wedding Ring

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This ring by Ben jewelry is the ultimate ring for your significant other, with the verse from the song of songs rotating around it 'Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li'. Made by hand in Israel by a family of silversmiths who in the past served the Yemen Royal Court, this is the very top notch.
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A beautiful jewish wedding ring with stunning details such as in this case an outer part of the ring made of 14K white gold displaying Ani L’Dodi V’dodi Li in Modern Hebrew letters. The verse is taken from King Solomon’s Song of Songs, and no other verse could be so meaningful on a ring as this one from the song of love. A beautiful ring with a beautiful, enchanting and lovely meaning... There could be not possibly be a better way to show your love and dedication to your significant other.
The white gold outer part with the wording rotates around the ring over the textured inner layer of yellow gold. And the inside is as smooth as can be, fitting perfectly and providing a comfortable surface against your finger.