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  • 14K White and Yellow Gold Rotating  Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Ring
    14K White and Yellow Gold Rotating  Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Ring

14K Gold Rotating Ani L’Dodi, Jewish Wedding Ring

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This modern, double wedding ring has an outer  ring that is embossed with Hebrew inscription "Ani L’Dodi ..." in raised white gold on yellow gold back. This rotates about an inner ring. The effect of this modern design is unique.
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MSRP: $1,287.00
Sale price: $919.00
This straightforward, fashionably made Jewish wedding band is constructed from very best 14K gold. This style and design will stop you in your tracks! Ben Sadya's very best silver and Gold Judaica jewelry are really particular gift items of Jewish fascination.
Just in case you're looking for effective Jewish wedding rings, this might be the best option. 
The form is a vintage Israeli Jewellery design. The hassle-free form of treasured, well polished gold features a true high quality product.
It's evident that this can be a really considerable gift for that person you love. This Band contains considerable verses that are known to guard the individual through the risks of indifference and slackening of attraction. Torah verses continue being used as particularly Jewish signs for 1000's of yrs. This pendant is therefore both a lovely Israeli jewelry item for the most special event.
  • Size (cm): width 0.8
  • Size (Inch): width 0.32