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  • Classic Star of David 14K Gold Ring
    Classic Star of David 14K Gold Ring

Classic Star of David 14K Gold Ring

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A delicate and thoughtful gift for the Zionist supporter in your life, this simple but bold gold Star of David ring, designed by Israeli jewelry maker Ben Sadya symbolizes Israeli national or Jewish pride in a dainty and beautiful form.

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Beautiful, delicate, and simple in design, this Israeli jewelry Star of David ring by renowned artist Ben Sadya is symbolic of religious or national pride. The perfect gift for the staunch Zionist in your life, this gold Star of David ring delicately conveys a strong and positive message. Complete the look with a similar gold Magen David necklace pendant.
Over the centuries, the six-sided star, formed from two inverted triangles, has become known as the Jewish Star. Today, it is incorporated throughout various Judaic artwork and designs, and worn on jewelry as a sign of one’s religious pride. The Magen David (as it is called in Hebrew), named after the first ancient Israelite king, David, now flies on the national flag of Israel as one of the country’s most well known official symbols.
Prestigious jewelry designer Ben Sadya hails from Israel. One of his creations won first place in the famous International Jewelry Designers Competition.