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Filigree Style Shema Yisrael Gold and Silver, Jewish Ring

This filigree styled piece blends the luxury of 14K gold with spiritual elegance. The beaded edges identify this piece with the craftsman's origin and familiarity with the ancient Jewish-Yemenite metalsmithing tradition, The spinning 14K yellow gold & silver design make it a great gift for a loved one or yourself.
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MSRP: $499.00
Sale price: $359.00
This simple, fashionably created Jewish wedding ring is crafted from best 14K precious gold. This design and style will stop the demonstration! Ben Sadya's very best silver and Gold Judaica jewelry are very specific gift items of Jewish fascination.
In the event that you're in search of highly significant Jewish jewelry, this band could be the excellent decision. It gives you a considerable Jewish talisman while using a modern day design.
The shape the band is a very timeless Israeli jewelry creation. The simple model of silver and gold, well finished has a genuine significance and high quality.
It's apparent that this is an incredibly substantial gift for the individual you love. This Engagement ring consists of substantial Torah verses that are acknowledged to safeguard the individual in the perils of indifference and slackening of appeal. Torah verses continue to be used as particularly Jewish signs for 1000's of many years. This pendant is consequently a beautiful Israeli jewelry object for your most special occasion.
  • Size (cm): Width: 1.0
  • Size (Inch): Width: 0.4