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  • Roman Glass and Silver, Star of David Necklace
    Roman Glass and Silver, Star of David Necklace

Roman Glass and Silver, Star of David Necklace

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This delicately beautiful 'Star of David Necklace with Roman Glass' by 'Star of David' is made of sterling silver and roman glass. It's a tasteful and eye-catching addition to your outfit, making it more unique and special and allowing you to show your love for your culture and people.
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The David's star (Jewish star), a well known symbol of King David and the Jews from the ancient biblical times before the first temple when David was kind of Israel, right up until today's Jewry, is nowadays considered the shape that ties us to our proud roots. The beauty and magnificence of the old city in Jerusalem, as well as all of Israel, shines through with the beloved shape that has escorted our people through the years in good times and bad. The star of David could be found also in various other places and traditions until the second world war, after which it was accepted as an exclusively Jewish symbol. This historic and special star is also on the flag of modern Israel.
'City of David' has taken this beautifully meaningful symbol and incorporated it in its Judaica jewelry, and this piece, made in Israel and designed with delicacy and taste, is of a very special nature.
  • Size (cm): height 1.8, width 1.3, Chain 45
  • Size (Inch): height 0.7, width 0.5, Chain 17.7