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Spinning Silver Shema Yisrael on Gold , Jewish Ring


Men or women will love this unique israeli jewelry item. It is truly a master joining of beauty and spirituality. Exquisitely wrought from 14K gold (yellow), and adorned by spinning silver band, This is graven with the short meditation of faith: Shema Yisrael.

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MSRP: $532.00
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Ben Jewelry has created another beautiful gem of a ring- not with a gem though. This one is made of 14K yellow gold, this ring is an astounding way to show love for your people. Its attached spinning silver band with the Shema engraved in it is exquisitely designed and lettered in a gorgeous font, reminding you throughout the day of your beliefs and what is important to you, what you care about. This prayer which Jews have whispered, read, cried, and prayed every day of their lives for thousands of years is by far the most widely accepted as the symbol of all Jewish prayer, and holds a very deep meaning for each and every one of this amazing nation. Ben Jewelry meshes this heartrending prayer of devotion with a symbolic and precious materials to create the essence of Judaism on a shining reminder seen every time you see your hand.

  • Size (cm): Width: 1.0
  • Size (Inch): Width: 0.4