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  • David's Harp Silver Necklace with Roman Glass
    David's Harp Silver Necklace with Roman Glass

David's Harp Silver Necklace with Roman Glass

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This traditionally created David's Harp Pendant is a hot item at israel-catalog.com! This small, classy David's Harp" pendant, which is made of Sterling silver and Roman glass. 
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This must be a classically developed David's Harp charm. This small but exquisite "King David's Harp"  is manufactured from Sterling Silver and decorated with Roman Glass. 
The designer got inspiration from the antique bronze Harp designed ornament generally known as a "David's Harp." located when browsing material removed from the holy temple site.
Harp molded decorations of this type, called by archaeologists " King David Harps." were well-known from biblical time and many very good examples have already been unearthed. Since King David was Israel's ancient poet and author of Psalms and is described in the Bible as playing a harp, these ornaments are attributed to him. The craft that influences this pendant was found when Sorting soil excavated unlawfully from the area where Judaism's Holy shrine stood. The material was  dumped unceremoniously at Emek Tzurim near the Mount Olivas cemetery. Many essential items that add to our understanding have been rescued from this dump by Israel's Antiquities Experts in this Operations. The artifact's creation time is lost because the unsupervised excavation removed the circumstances. It is extremely similar to the shape and motif of the harp used for City of David's logo.
The Metropolis that is "City of David" is sort of a living research workshop and is the greatest location to understand the background of Jerusalem. Right here, you will meet biblical personalities and locales. Our internet store offers items to help you to ensure you remember Jerusalem through your prayers and remember Jerusalem for blessing daily.
  • Size (cm): Chain: 47, Pendant:2 x 3
  • Size (Inch): Chain: 18.5, Pendant:0.8. x 1.2