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  • David's Harp Carnelian Necklace, Jewish Jewelry
    David's Harp Carnelian Necklace, Jewish Jewelry

David's Harp Carnelian Necklace, Jewish Jewelry

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This designer Sterling Silver "King David's Harp" on a necklace of Carnelian stone beads is manufactured to the highest standard to be beautiful for years to com. The Harp is 2 x 1.5 centimeters. It is fashionably suspended in the clasp of the bracelet. 

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The David Harp Necklace is a Classic design. It combines a  stylish "King David's Harp" emblem created from Precious meta. The designer creativity derived the design from an ancient Harp motif ornament recovered while sorting through excavated earth from Jerusalem's temple site.
Harp formed ornaments, these days referred to by the term "King David's Harp." have been well-liked during the biblical time period and many of them have been unearthed at biblical archaeological sites. David composed Psalms while playing this sort of harp. For this reason, ornaments that are harp motif are obviously associated with King David. David, before being anointed to Israel's monarchy, was the poet and psalmist of Israel. The paradigm item which inspired this item was discovered while Browsing earth excavated from Temple Mount without supervision, then dumped near the mount of Olives. A lot of important items have already been rescued by this emergency Israel Antiquities program. 
This Area, known as the "City of David" in Shiloach is sort of an archaeological  lab and is a superior destination to discover the reputation of Jerusalem. There, you can come to make contact with biblical locations and individuals. The shop presents items and curio to ensure you will recall the City of Jerusalem and it's Biblical heritage in your prayers and everyday life.
  • Size (cm): Chain: 45 Pendant: 2 x 1.5
  • Size (Inch): Chain: 17.7 Pendant: 0.78 x 0.6