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  • Moon-Shaped Roman Glass, Star of David Necklace
    Moon-Shaped Roman Glass, Star of David Necklace

Moon-Shaped Roman Glass, Star of David Necklace

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People wear their jewelry for many reasons, and much of the time. What better a necklace to wear then, than this Moon-shaped star of David necklace? With its cultural significance, this is the best way to show your love for your people.
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'City of David' has made many amazing works of art in the form of Judaica jewelry of different sorts, and this, the 'Moon-Shaped Star of David Necklace' has a lot of meaning even compared to their usual work. The combined symbolism of both the moon shape and the star of David have an especially meaningful effect. 
Jewish jewelry often incorporates the six pointed star otherwise known as the star of David or the Jewish star, because it is one of the most commonly held symbols of Judaism and Israel. It has escorted our people throughout history, in good times as well as bad. Thought to have been the shape on King David's shield, the Hebrew term for the shape (Magen David) is translated to mean the protector or shield of David, and it may have also been on King Solomon's seal. The moon has special significance of course to a religion based mainly on a lunar calendar.
  • Size (cm): height 3.5, width 3, Chain length 52
  • Size (Inch): height 1.37, width 1.18, Chain length 20.5