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  • Brushed Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Ring
    Brushed Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Ring

Brushed Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Ring

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This masterfully crafted beautiful Brushed Sterling Silver and 9K Gold Lion of Judah Ring is both powerful in meaning and in style. Suitable for men and women, it shows a good sense of style, and makes for a bold and stylish statement piece.

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Used as the official emblem of the Holy City of Jerusalem, the intricately designed golden Lion of Judah on this fine piece of Israeli jewelry dates back to biblical times. Yehudah (similarly known as Judah), the fourth son of Yaakov, was blessed as the “young lion,” by his father. Yehudah was compared to a lion due to his innocuous strength whilst leading a tribe. On a side note, the mother of Yehudah’s children was compared to a lioness, and his children, as cubs. Today, the vast majority of Jewish people originate from his tribe, as they were the strongest of the twelve.
Designed by jeweler, Rafael Seadia, the combined brushed silver and gold packs as bold of a punch as Yehuda’s tribe. The Yemenite jewelry designer catches inspiration from the city of Jerusalem and his Yemenite background. The bold design and brushed silver finish are what makes this ring unique, and sure to start a conversation.

  • Size (cm): 2.0 cm
  • Size (Inch): 0.8 "