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  • Elaborate Gold and Silver and Stones Hoshen Necklace
    Elaborate Gold and Silver and Stones Hoshen Necklace

Elaborate Gold and Silver and Stones Hoshen Necklace

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9K Gold and sterling silver and ancient art combine in this modern spin on an age-old design. This Jewish jewelry draws its inspiration from the words of the Torah itself. The artist has been crafting Israeli jewelry in the Yemenite tradition for over 30 years.

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12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and in a specific order as commanded by God. This is what makes up the hoshen, or the “breastplate of judgment” worn by the High Priest in ancient Israel during the times of the Great Temple (I and II). It was worn when there was only a Tent of Meeting, as Moses, Aaron, and the other Hebrew peoples wandered the desert looking for home. This breastplate, now bounded in both silver and gold in this design, was one of God’s many ways of unifying a large amount of peoples for whom the religion that would become Judaism was likely the only common factor. This elaborate hoshen necklace is a fine example amongst Jewish jewelry and Israeli jewelry for anyone looking to the past for answers about today’s issues, as God used 2 of the stones to help him make his decisions.
Rafael Saadia, the designer of this immaculate necklace, is well-regarded for more than 30 years as a designer of jewelry. He is the 4th generation of a line of jewelers that served the royal family in Yemen, and his son has become the 5th generation to take up this trade. This piece is a high quality work of art available to you, and not just for the Yemeni royal family.

  • Size (cm): 2 x 4 cm
  • Size (Inch): 0.8" x 1.6"