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  • Ornate Silver Roman Glass Dangling Earrings
    Ornate Silver Roman Glass Dangling Earrings

Ornate Silver Roman Glass Dangling Earrings

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Blue roman glass is a rare and valuable find amongst the ruins of ancient Israel. A renowned Jewish jewelry artist incorporated this glass into silver earrings, a stunning example of Israeli jewelry. The ornate baubles will fit any pierced ear, and make great gifts.

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This exquisite pair of silver earrings are cast from the purest silver. Made in Jerusalem by Jewish jewelry maker Rafael Saadia, the “gems” that shimmer are made from ancient found Roman glass. There are not clip-on Israeli jewelry. Please make sure you have your ears pierced before wearing these eye-catching charms.  silver is wonderful in that it matches any outfit. These are truly earrings that can be worn for any occasion.
Silver is mentioned repeatedly in the Torah, and thus has a long tradition in the Jewish religion. It was used both as an ornament and as a means of exchange. When a first-born child was released from their obligated servitude to the priesthood, they were redeemed by the payment of silver (a tradition which continues to today!).
Allow this tradtional beauty to drip from the ears of any lover of judaica or fine jewelery.

  • Size (cm): 1.7 X 2.1
  • Size (Inch): 0.6 X 0.8