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  • Silver and Gold Curlicues Verse Necklace
    Silver and Gold Curlicues Verse Necklace

Silver and Gold Curlicues Verse Necklace

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This necklace is a stunning piece of Israeli jewelry molded together with great craftsmanship and the  finest pieces of 9K gold and sterling silver. just to top it all off it has quotes from the psalms, and it is certain to bring that little touch of sunshine to your day.

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This beautiful Silver and Gold Jewish jewelry necklace, is just what you need for those cold and rainy nights. All it takes is its Gold and Silver molded together in Perfect Harmony, and the letters of the psalm to warm your heart. There are many quotes that can be put on the necklace. As an example, the quote that you see on the necklace in the picture:
''אך טוב וחסד ירדופני כל ימי חיי ושבתי בבית ה' ''
This sentence is written in the Psalms, straight from the mouth of King David the man that put the psalms together. It means that a person who is true to himself and follows the richest ways of the lord, only good and kindness will come his way. This sentence shows and teaches us what type of a person King David was, and what type of people we are aiming to be.

Made by Rafael Saadia in Jerusalem, this necklace is totally unique.

  • Size (cm): 1.6 x 2.8 cm
  • Size (Inch): 0.6 x 1.1"