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  • Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Square Cufflinks
    Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Square Cufflinks

Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Square Cufflinks

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These beautiful cufflinks bear the Lion of Judah coat of arms as a golden impression upon a pure silver square background, with a revolving cubic cylinder piece to hold it in place in only the fanciest of sleeves.

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This eye catching pair of cufflinks are square shaped pieces of Jewish jewelry art, made of the finest sterling silver and 9K gold by Rafael Saedia, each with the lion emblem of the Great House of Judah impressed upon them to impress the viewer with the wearer's ancient and proud Jewish lineage, a pride worn quite literally right on the sleeves of the wearer.
The Great House of Judah was, in the ancient times of the height of splendor of the Jewish people, the royal tribe from whose ranks sprung the great kings and leaders of the Israeli people, among them King David, King Solomon, and other such great figures of the lore. Its coat of arms, the iconic lion displayed on this fine piece of Israeli jewelry, was given to their forefather Judah himself, by the father of the Jewish nation Jacob (later in his life renamed by God to Israel).  In 1950, the roaring Lion Of Judah symbol, used throughout Jewish history for various representations of the Jewish people was used as the official emblem of Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, as a result of its being the capital of the area of Israel allotted to the tribe of Judah.

  • Size (cm): 1.4 x 1.4 cm
  • Size (Inch): 0.55" x 0.55"