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  • Silver Old Hebrew Shekel Ring
    Silver Old Hebrew Shekel Ring
  • Silver Old Hebrew Shekel Ring
    Silver Old Hebrew Shekel Ring

Silver Old Hebrew Half Shekel Ring

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This charming Sterling Silver half shekel Ring inscribed with Old Hebrew is a must have for anyone who appreciates true silver workmanship. The intricate designs and etches serve only to heighten your feelings of connection between our past and our present as a Jewish nation.

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This alluring article of Jewish Jewelry brings forth from itself endless fascination with the archaic script - translated as "Holy Jerusalem" - that so decorates it.
The masterfully done etching of the three pomegranates in the center, connected by a single stem can only be described as an ingenious way for the creator to depict our association with our homeland.
The surface of the ring by Rafael Jewelry is garnished with an ancient half shekel coin, which was as a rule given to the Temple by every Jewish member of the nation once a year. Unearthed during an archaeological operation on the Mount of Olives, this coin originates in the era of 66/67 CE.
The signification of paying half a shekel, and not a whole shekel was to show that a person cannot obtain completeness alone. Giving this to a close friend will demonstrate your desire to grow closer to them, and to be more "one" with them.

  • Size (cm): 1.6 cm
  • Size (Inch): 0.63"