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  • Silver Pomegranate Chai Roman Glass Necklace
    Silver Pomegranate Chai Roman Glass Necklace

Silver Pomegranate Chai Roman Glass Necklace

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What you are looking at is ‫none other than the beautiful Roman glass pomegranate necklace meticulously designed by jewelry artist Rafael Saedia. This astonishing piece is a mix between rare Roman glass and silver, shaped like a pomegranate with the word ''chai'', the Jewish word for life.

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This Israeli jewelry is not just a regular fancy necklace like any other; for starters the amazing silver shaped pomegranate symbolizes a fruit particularly special to Israel, and by thinking of the pomegranate we are reminded of the Holy Land.
Aside from which, the many seeds of the pomegranate are symbolic of being meritorious and fruitful.
How appropriate for the word  ''chai,"-which means "life"-to be situated in the pomegranate, the symbol of Life.
Inside the pomegranate form on this stunning jewel of Jewish origins, the famous word ''chai'' is positioned admirably, surrounded with precious Roman glass.
This Refael jewelry piece is just a stunning necklace whose sole purpose is to inspire life.
Back when we had the first and second temples, the high priest would wear decorative bells with pomegranates hung from the bottom of his robes.  This shows us just how much meaning a simple pomegranate has, and teaches us not to take anything for granted, because even the simplest things, such as a pomegranate, could have such an important meaning.   
This silver and Roman glass piece is a delight for the eyes and the mind.

  • Size (cm): 2.8 X 3.5
  • Size (Inch): 1.1 X 1.4