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  • Silver Roman Glass Textured Cuff Ring
    Silver Roman Glass Textured Cuff Ring

Silver Roman Glass Textured Cuff Ring

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A gorgeous silver textured ring with roman glass jewelry set in the center of the ring, designed by well-known Refael Seadia in his art studio in the holy city of Jerusalem, this wonderful wide ring is a paramount to beauty and splendor.

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MSRP: $413.00
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This delightful Roman glass ring is a wonder of Israeli jewelry, a sight for sore eyes. The wide band is styled with a slightly textured look at the top, keeping the rest smooth for your finger's comfort. The circle of roman glass is a brilliant blue and shows up wonderfully with the backdrop of the silver of the ring. Surrounding the roman glass is a rounded silver frame to hold it in it's setting.
Wearing this ring by Refael Seadia is basically the same thing as wearing a piece of history itself on your finger. Roman glass is produced by mining out the glass made in the roman times and enjoying its unique look, having soaked up minerals that color it over the years. Staring into the roman glass is almost like looking back in time.

  • Size (cm): 1.4
  • Size (Inch): 0.6