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  • Silver Star of David Heart Necklace
    Silver Star of David Heart Necklace

Silver Star of David Heart Necklace

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This uniquely elegant take on the classic Star of David is sure to satisfy your feminine side. The Sterling Silver Star of David Heart Necklace is delicately crafted to evoke a classic shape with a modern twist in the shape of a heart as one of the triangles of the star.

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MSRP: $119.95
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Both graceful and sophisticated with a hint of classic charm, this piece of handcrafted Israeli jewelry is inspired by the well known symbol known as the Star of David. The three points of the conjoining triangles that make up this well-known symbol represent three different entities connected to one another: The Holy One (Blessed be He), Torah, and Israel. Each triangle is said to symbolize the outer dimension (everything in the Torah that Jews are able to learn) and the inner dimension (Everything that only G-D can possibly know.) The Jewish soul is the epicenter of this deep, meaningful symbol.
The creator of this fine specimen, Raphael Seadia, designs and handmakes all of his jewelry, and is deeply inspired by the state of Israel, the Holy City of Jerusalem, in specific. Most of his creations use metals found in the city.

  • Size (cm): 2.5 X 2.8 cm
  • Size (Inch): 1" X 1.1"