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  • Double sided Sterling Silver Kabbalah amulet pendant by Ma'ase B'Omanut Jewelers
    Double sided Sterling Silver Kabbalah amulet pendant by Ma'ase B'Omanut Jewelers

Double sided Sterling Silver Kabbalah amulet pendant by Ma'ase B'Omanut Jewelers


Unique double sided design gives you twice the Kabbala power! Let this Kabbalah amulet pendant help you in your quest for giving and receiving love without strings attached.The flip side of the rectangular pendant has the symbols to protect against the evil eye.

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The literal translation of the term Kabbalah is 'receiving.' This refers to receiving the hidden mystical truths behind Jewish thinking and Jewish traditions. According to Kabbalah, this amulet is given so that the wearer will be able to receive love which is open and free, and also to give such a love so that it will be readily received.

The elongated amulet is made of Sterling silver, in a smooth finish. The sequence of Hebrew letters on the amulet is deeply etched in the writing style similar to the one normally used to write the sacred Torah scroll and other sacred Jewish scrolls. The dark pattern of the etching is very noticeable in contrast to the smooth surface of the amulet. The hook for hanging it on the necklace is shaped like a handle, and thus becomes a complementing part of the design. The sterling silver necklace holds the amulet with a silver ring in the same smooth finish, to integrate with the rest of the amulet.

On the back of the rectangular dog-tag style pendant are enscribed the Hebrew letters El'd, which are symbols to protect the wearer against the evil eye - as a lucky talisman.

This sterling silver amulet from Jewelry Tale Jewelers measures.5 inch x 1.5 inch(14 mm x 40 mm).

According to Kabbalistic tradition, knowledge of Kabbalah was transmitted orally by the Patriarchs and sages. Initially Kabbalah was widely studied by pious Jews who wished to understand the mystical aspects of the connection between man and G-d. Eventually the sages feared that the secrets of Jewish mysticism may fall into the wrong hands during foreign conquests or may be misinterpreted by unknowledgeable students. It was therefore decided to reserve the study of Kabbalah to pious and knowledgeable students over the age of 40.

This has been the case for over 2000 years until recently when a renewed interest suddenly appeared. Now Kabbalah is being studied by many people all over the world including famous celebrities. Jewish mysticism has begun to attract the attention of the masses as they search for hidden wisdom and meaning in turbulent times. With these unique jewelry designs, we provide the opportunity to connect with the ancient powers of Jewish mysticism.