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  • Gold Star of David with  Hebrew Name
    Gold Star of David with  Hebrew Name
  • Gold Star of David Pendant, Hebrew Name Necklace
    Gold Star of David Pendant, Hebrew Name Necklace

14K or 18K Gold Star of David Pendant, Hebrew Name Necklace

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Our 14K/18K Gold Necklace is custom-made with your name cut from gold beneath a Star of David. This lovely jewelry item is hand crafted in Jerusalem.

The pendant includes a matching box chain.

When ordering, you must specify the name in the above NAME field & choose TRANSLATE OR TRANSLITERATE as appropriate.

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Our 14K/18K Gold Star of David Hebrew Name Necklace is an amazing Israeli Jewelry and a great gift idea for Bar/Bat Mitzvah or birthday at any age.

A personalized Hebrew Name Necklace shows pride in the Jewish faith and the Hebrew language.

Many religious rituals require Hebrew names. Our Hebrew name is used when you are called to the Torah. When we pray for the sick person or say the memorial prayer we usually use the person's Hebrew name. Jewish legal documents, (like the ketubah or marriage contract) require Hebrew names.

Orthodox Jews and Jews living in Israel often give their children only Hebrew names, and this is the name used for all purposes, secular and religious.

In the Diaspora it is customary for Jewish parents to give their children both a secular name, used in the gentile world and a Hebrew name, use for religious purposes.

Parents Often choose a Hebrew name and a secular name linked by starting with the same letter. As an example, a boy named Blake might be named Boaz in Hebrew and Lindsey's name might be Leah in Hebrew.

In Some families the secular name is the translation of the Hebrew name, like Jonah is Yonah and Eve is Chava. Sometimes the names have similar meanings; a good example is Justin paired with Daniel.

Sometimes a child's English and Hebrew names have nothing in common at all. Sara's secular name might be Lisa.

Most Jewish babies Hebrew names today are taken from Biblical sources and modern Israeli names.


Since this engraved jewelry is hand-made and carefully crafted individually, it could take up to 3 days for the item to be shipped.  

personalized items will only be accepted for return if there is a mistake or defect in the product.

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  • Size (cm): Thickness: 0.4 mm, text height: 6 - 10 mm, Star height 20-25 mm
  • Size (Inch): Thickness: 0.02" , text height: 0.2" - 0.4", Star height 0.8"-1"