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  • Green-blue Enamel painted Silver Earrings - Idit Jewelry
    Green-blue Enamel painted Silver Earrings - Idit Jewelry

Green-blue Enamel painted Droplet Silver Earrings - Idit Jewelry

No Longer Available

These gorgeous silver earrings are stylish and classy. Made of two squares, they’re painted with green-blue colored enamel paint, making the earrings a beautiful gift. Set at a nice dangling length, these earrings are sure to please any pretty jewelry lover. Idit Jewelry brings you a beautiful pair of earrings, not easily forgotten.

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SKU : 15221
Sorry - product is No Longer Available. please contact us for info.
MSRP: $127.45
Sale price: $84.95

Be it anniversary, birthday, special occasion or just to say I love you, these stunning silver earrings are sure to be an appreciated gift. This piece of Israeli jewelry is exquisite in design and craftsmanship, making it a sight to behold.

The enamel painted silver is the main highlight of the earrings, forming the shape of two squares, one atop the other, with fine silver lines connecting the two. There are also two silver balls connected to the enamel, one on the side, and one hanging down on the bottom. The enamel is painted in a stylish blue-green color, with an emphasis on the bluish hue.

Measuring 2.5cm x 1.3 cm (1"x1/2"), the earrings are a perfect dangling length, giving the earrings a dignified quality. This piece of designer Israeli jewelry is truly amazing and done with elegance and class. Idit Jewelry is known for its high quality pieces of jewelry and tradition of excellence, and this creative pair of earring does not disappoint.

They are a welcome addition to any jewelry box, and are sure to delight the recipient. For other beautiful jewelry, be sure to check out the other pieces of Idit Jewelry.