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  • Alef-Lamed-Dalet Pendant
    Alef-Lamed-Dalet Pendant

Hammered silver Alef-Lamed-Dalet Kabbalah pendant against the Evil Eye

No Longer Available

This is the pendant to get if you feel the wearer could use protection against the Evil Eye. This narrow hammered silver pendant will enhance without being overly dramatic.

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The Evil Eye (Ayin Hara in Hebrew) is a very powerful negative force - according to Kabbalah - Judaism's mystical tradition. It could affect us and keep us from realizing our potential when people look at us jealously or out of malice.

This narrow rectangular Sterling silver pendant is hung on its own sterling silver necklace with an integral hook part of the design. The background of the pendant is deeply hammered silver, giving it a charcoal tinge. The letters (Alef, Lamed, Daled), shaped in the classing shape of lettering in the holy Torah Scroll, are in smooth relief. This letter sequence is commonly used in Kabbalah as a tool to help ward off the evil eye, alone or in conjunction with other symbols.

A small round turquoise stone is set between the first and second letters. Blue and its variations have long been used in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean to ward off the evil eye. The silver loop at the top which is integrally connected to the pendant is etched with a leafy design in relieve on hammered silver, with a very narrow bright silver edging. The bottom of the pendant is decorated with four smooth silver relief circles on a darker but smooth surface.

This sterling silver pendant from Israeli jewelry designer Jewelry Tale. Jewelers measures.35 inch x 1.4 inch (9 mm x 35 mm).

Get this pendant to help symbolize to the wearer that protection can be available, as according to Kabbalah one should never underestimate the negative influence of the Evil Eye.