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  • A Beautiful Pair of Silver Hamsa Earrings
    A Beautiful Pair of Silver Hamsa Earrings

A Beautiful Pair of Silver Hamsa Earrings

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These unique hamsa earrings will give you a sense of fun, fashion and tradition all in one item.  The symbolic hamsa hand tops off a beautiful pair of silver-plated hoops.  

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Enjoy these attractive earrings and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.  While hamsa jewelry is usually depicted in the form of a necklace, this item is the perfect example of beautiful hamsa earrings.


This pair of bold, silver-plated hoops will certainly stand out.  However, they also include a subtle side too.  Hanging from each hoop is a silver hamsa hand.  This traditional symbol is a popular motif in the Jewish world, which is said to ward off the evil eye.  At the center of the hamsa hand is an attractive blue bead.  All in all, this piece of Jewish jewelry is a wonderfully evocative item.  Each hamsa hand hangs from the silver-plated hoops, surrounded on either side by a blue crystal bead. 

Wearing these hamsa earrings will certainly turn any outfit into an eye-catching combination.  These are bold and yet meaningful hamsa earrings for any occasion.

1.5"  diameter

  • Size (cm): 3.8 cm Diameter
  • Size (Inch): 1.5" Diameter