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  • Elegant Pearl Shell Hamsa Earrings
    Elegant Pearl Shell Hamsa Earrings

Elegant Pearl Shell Hamsa Earrings

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These exceptional hamsa earrings, boasting lovely shell pearl beads, will hang elegantly.  This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an item of hamsa jewelry which exudes both tradition and class.

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These are beautifully crafted hamsa earrings, which stand out in both the concept and the execution of this outstanding item of Jewish jewelry.  They succeed in combining a real elegance with incredible meaning, thanks to the hamsa hand, which forms the focus of these earrings.  The hamsa itself is an ancient symbol, which originated in North Africa and is said to ward off evil spirits.  It has since become a popular lucky charm in many parts of the Jewish world. 

However, rather than focusing all attention on the hamsa hand itself, it has been cleverly and discreetly woven into the design of the earrings, which are about as elegant as they come.  They are comprised of silver-plated links and drop-shaped pearl beads, which have been crafted to form a classy pair of hamsa earrings, which flow beautifully.  They are bound to be a positive addition to any outfit for a special occasion.

2.5 inches

  • Size (cm): 6.4 cm
  • Size (Inch): 2.5 inches