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  • Hamsa Love & Fish Necklace
    Hamsa Love & Fish Necklace
  • Hamsa Love & Fish Necklace
    Hamsa Love & Fish Necklace

Hamsa Love & Fish Necklace

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A beautiful handcrafted and all natural material gold plated necklace with luck charm bracelets to bring good luck. This lovely piece of jewelry includes a fish, heart and Hamsa. Wearing this necklace will certainly make you feel lucky and protect you from all the evil and bad luck .

Including 66 cm / 26 inch Silver or Gold plated chain

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Designed in a studio in Israel, this beautiful Gold or Silver plated necklace with heart, Hamsa, love and fish pendants made by MIZZE is an ideal gift for a loved one. MIZZE inspires to combine traditional workmanship together with ancient charms which are believed to bring good luck. The Hamsa , originating in the Middle East and translated to mean five or five fingers, is a symbol to protect against the negative forces and to bring good luck. The fish is thought to be a symbol of fertility. Jacob blessed his sons Menashe and Ephraim in Genesis "let them grow into a multitude like fish in the midst of the earth".  The fish is also seen to ward off the evil eye. Wearing this beautiful MIZZE luck necklace, you are surrounding yourself with good luck and protection, something which is much needed in these trying times.