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  • Hamsa Bracelet
    Hamsa Bracelet

Kabbalah ALD & Hamsa Bracelet on a Red String, 24K Gold Plated

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24K Gold plated Kabbalah Bracelet with ALD (Alef Lamed Dalet) and Hamsa on a cotton red string. Available in 2 string sizes: 7'' for Women or 8'' for Men. Made by Israeli fashion Jewelry designer Mizze Jewelry.

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This Israeli Jewelry item features a mix of three dominant symbols from Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism: ALD text that stands for “Ana Lamdeni Datcha” that refers to one of the secret 72 names of god, a Hamsa hand and a Kabbalah red string.

This Hamsa bracelet is designed by Israeli jewelry designer studio – Mizze Jewelry