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  • Red String Necklace with 3 Hamsa Pendants
    Red String Necklace with 3 Hamsa Pendants

Hamsa Necklace Red String with Three Hamsa Charms

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New design by Mizze jewelry, 3 Hamsa charms hanging on 3 separated strings.
The strings are available in various colors; the Hamsa hands are available as Silver or Gold Plated.
String size 16.5 inch.
Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 16039
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MSRP: $55.95
Sale price: $39.95
What better way of protecting yourself or a loved one from the evil eye then by wearing this beautiful red string necklace with 3 sterling silver Hamsa pendants. The red string is wound around Rachel's tomb seven times and is endowed with mystical powers and used for protection from the evil eye. It is a Kabalistic belief that wearing the red string enables the person to use Rachel's power to protect us The Hamsa, the five fingers on a hand, also gives protection from the evil eye and is a good luck charm, originating in the Middle East and has become popular amongst the Sephardi Jews. The jewelry is handmade and made of all natural materials. The word "handmade" are inscribed on the hands.