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  • Star of David & Sharma Israel Pendant
    Star of David & Sharma Israel Pendant

Star of David & Shema Israel Pendant

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This beautiful, meaningful necklace has a double protection, with a 9K Gold Star of David and with the Ben Porat Yosef blessing whilst at the same time showing our belief in G-d with the Shema Israel. 

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This beautiful round 9K Gold Star of David Jewelry with the Shema Israel is indeed a unique design from Meir Avni, a well-known Israeli Jewelry artist. Combining Biblical texts with modern design, this necklace is unique in its design and meaning. The Shema Israel is printed on the edges of the pendant and the small Star of David on the inside of the gold and the bigger one on silver. Around the edges of the Star of David are letters in the Hebrew alphabet with the initials of Ben Porat Yosef blessing which originates with Jacob blessing Josef with this blessing which is a blessing for fertility and protection against the evil eye and has become a famous Kabbalah blessing which has become popular to wear on jewelry. 
  • Size (cm): Pendant: 1.8 X 2.5
  • Size (Inch): Pendant: 0.7 X 1