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  • A Star of David Necklace for all Occasions, Silver & Opal
    A Star of David Necklace for all Occasions, Silver & Opal

A Star of David Necklace for all Occasions, Silver & Opal

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This is a truly unique Star of David pendant, which will make for a beautiful item of Jewish jewelry that is appropriate for both everyday wear and for enjoying that special occasion.  It is a wonderfully elegant and eye-catching piece. 

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This innovative design means that you have the opportunity to purchase a Star of David pendant for all occasions.  Whether you are looking for a necklace that can be worn as an everyday item, or a beautiful piece of Jewish jewelry that will stand out on that special occasion, this is the pendant for you.  In many ways, this is a modern, cutting-edge design.  Framed by a classic solid silver sterling edge, that is where the traditional character of this pendant ends.  Each point of the classic Jewish Star of David is filled with a stunning blue and green opal, which oozes sophistication.  At a glance, it contrasts with the center of the star, which constitutes a mosaic design of several black-edged grey shards.  Together, the mosaic and opal design combines to produce a quite outstanding effect.  
Measuring 20.6mm x 28.6mm, the detail of this unique pendant will stand out and undoubtedly impress.
In addition to being a beautiful accessory, this pendant is also a meaningful item of Israeli jewelry.  The Star of David motif has been intrinsically linked to the Jewish people for many centuries.  So, if you’re looking to combine beauty and symbolism, look no further than this pendant.  
  • Size (cm): 20.6mm x 28.6mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.8 x 1.12 inch