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  • Flower Shape Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal
    Flower Shape Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

Flower Shape Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

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This necklace will provide you with a modern take on an eternal symbol.  Giving a free-flowing feel to the traditional Jewish Star of David, this is a necklace that will combine deep heritage with a keen eye for beautiful jewelry.

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This one off item of Jewish jewelry puts paid to the idea that a Star of David necklace needs to be dull.  This unique piece will make for a wonderful accessory for the modern Jewish girl, providing a necklace which is different without looking out of place.  While retaining the traditional construct of the Jewish Star of David, this necklace includes a free-form design, with curved edges to the star, making it a modern take on a traditional piece.  

The heart of the necklace is left empty, but far from creating a void, it is supplemented by exquisite points to the star itself.  Each point is comprised of a curved shape and is filled with a striking blue and green opal.  This is framed by quality silver sterling to give an excellent finish to the necklace.  All in all, it is easy on the eye and a beautifully modern take on the traditional Star of David necklace.  Deeply symbolic, the star has been an emblem of the Jewish people for centuries.  Measuring 16.7mm x 27.1mm, this lovely necklace gives you the opportunity to display a meaningful symbol with a modern feel to create a truly eye-catching item of Israeli jewelry.      
  • Size (cm): 16.7mm x 27.1mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.66 x 1 inch