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  • Mosaic Themed Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal
    Mosaic Themed Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

Mosaic Themed Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

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If you are looking for a beautiful, yet subtle and meaningful item of Jewish jewelry, then why not purchase this outstanding Star of David pendant.  Combining silver and opal in a mosaic framework, it is bound to catch the eye. 
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While many Star of David Necklaces are forthright in their shape, here is a unique item, which expresses the symbolism of the Jewish Star of David in a subtle, yet striking way.  Many items of Jewish jewelry ensure that the symbolic value to the item is immediately noticeable, yet this necklace surrounds the Star of David with a dark-shaded mosaic.  Rather than overshadow the star though, this design serves to clearly highlight the Star of David symbol.  Set against the backdrop of a dark mosaic, the bright opal blue and green color of this design stands out starkly.  The whole pendant is framed by authentic sterling silver.  Measuring 14.3mm x 25.2mm, this pendant is just the right size to make a subtle impact.  

While the Star of David is possibly the oldest and certainly the most common symbol associated with the Jewish people, this unique design ensures that it is a meaningful pendant without being overbearing.  It will make a perfect gift for all those who wish to display their heritage but in a novel and creative fashion.  If you’re looking for a unique piece of eye catching Israeli jewelry, look no further than this beautiful Star of David necklace.   
  • Size (cm): 14.3mm x 25.2mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.56 x 1 inch