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  • Peace Dove Star of David Necklace - Blue
    Peace Dove Star of David Necklace - Blue

Peace Dove Star of David Necklace, Silver & Crystals

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This thoughtful piece of Jewish jewelry will be a pleasure to the eye in addition to making an evocative Star of David pendant.  It is not only a well-crafted item, but is also made of fine silver and crystal materials.

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Land yourself a Star of David pendant with a twist.  First and foremost, this is an extremely attractive item to add to your Jewish jewelry collection.  The shape of the Jewish Star of David is sharp and clean.  Half of the star is made from solid sterling silver, giving exquisite definition to the pendant.  The other half of the star is a willowy shape, which is forged from blue colored quality Swarovski crystals.  The contrast of silver with blue crystal makes for a combination which is as intriguing as the shape of the pendant itself. 


The blue crystal evokes the image of the outline of a dove, indicating a possible emblem of peace.  However, it is essentially an indeterminate shape and can just as easily be seen as a flame shape, possibly representing the idea of remembrance, so deeply ingrained in Jewish heritage. There is however no mistaking the Star of David symbol so intrinsically linked to the Jewish people.  There is no other emblem which is so clearly identified with the heritage and history of the Jewish nation. 

Measuring 16.69mm x 27.11mm, this pendant will be an eye-catching accessory for any occasion, wherever and whoever happens to wear it.

  • Size (cm): 16.69mm x 27.11mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.56 x 1 inch