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  • Perfect Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal
    Perfect Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

Perfect Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

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If you are searching for a significant gift, look no further than this mesmerizing Star of David pendant.  The eye-catching blue color ensures that its’ beauty will stand out wherever you are, while also making a meaningful item of jewelry.

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There is absolutely no fear of having to choose between aesthetic beauty and a meaningful piece of jewelry when it comes to this unique Star of David pendant.  Especially when it comes to Jewish jewelry, it would be easy for the traditional imagery to stifle visual appeal.  However, this one-off silver Star of David pendant constitutes a wonderfully creative combination between the two, ensuring that it is both a highly attractive and meaningful piece. 
The Jewish Star of David frame is forged from classic silver sterling and is designed to look slightly frayed to give it a rustic look.  The empty spaces within the star are filled with an attractive and striking opal of blue and green.  The simplicity of the silver contrasts beautifully with the full opal color to produce a stunning finish.  
Apart from being an attractive piece of Israeli jewelry, this pendant is of course full of meaning.  The Star of David has been perhaps the central symbol depicting Jewish culture and heritage for many centuries.  Now you have the opportunity to wear it with pride, but without the feeling that you are compromising the quality of your jewelry.  This pendant is the epitome of high-class Jewish jewelry.