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  • Rainbow Colors Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal
    Rainbow Colors Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

Rainbow Colors Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

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Release the creativity within you with this wonderfully colorful interpretation of a Star of David pendant.  While maintaining the traditional shape of the Jewish Star of David, this pendant employs striking opal colors to highlight the heart of the star.

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This is a must have item for anyone who is searching for a colorful and meaningful item of jewelry to add to their collection.  You will immediately be struck by the beautiful colors that form the very essence of this outstanding item of Jewish jewelry.  Smooth blue and green opal pieces fill both the foreground triangle of a traditional Jewish Star of David and the points of the background half of the star too.  The star is framed by solid sterling silver, which gives this item both shape and form.  Ultimately, this is a stunning piece of Israeli jewelry, which is sure to stand out with its 12.8mm x 24.6mm measurement.

Not only is this a beautiful item, but it is also a particularly meaningful pendant.  The Star of David has come to represent the Jewish people and is perhaps the oldest symbol of an ancient and rich heritage.  Purchasing this pendant will allow you to have a constant reminder of this powerful history.  However, it will also mean that you are able to display a truly outstanding piece of jewelry.  This pendant is bound to draw acclaim wherever you decide to wear it, thanks to a brilliant and beautiful design.  





  • Size (cm): 12.8mm x 24.6mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.5 x 0.96 inch